Choir Singing – Better Than Broccoli

Joining a choir is not only a great way to practice singing in a fun social setting. Research at the University of California has found that it might make you healthier. Immunoglobulin A is a protein used by the immune system to fight disease. Researchers measured the amount of immunoglobulin A in the saliva of

The Pop/Rock vs Classical?

Some singers and voice teachers would have you believe that Classical (unfortunately sometimes referred to as legit) is the only correct way to sing. Some even say that such popular styles of singing as Pop/Rock, R & B, Jazz, Musical Theatre and of course belt quality, will ruin your voice. Evidence proves differently. “No one
singing in the recording studio

Singing in the Recording Studio

  The recording studio is one of the most unnatural environments to sing in. When we sing live, little imperfections go by in a moment and are unnoticed because of the excitement of a live performance. In the studio however we hear every little error and if it goes on record we will hear them forever.

Belting Like The Pros!

Learn how to Belt safely You may have seen ads for auditions that say something like:   “Singers wanted for musical theatre production. 2 octaves g to g. Belting and legit.”   Legit refers to operatic quality. What is belting or belt voice? Belting is that high loud voice quality you often hear when you