Vocal Technique

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Become your own “voice mechanic”.

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You don’t have to be a born singer to sing well.

The real talent of great “natural” singers is that they are born mimics. They can listen to a performer on the radio or on a recording and intuitively copy that voice. But most great natural singers can’t accurately answer the question “how did you do that? How did you make that sound?” Not knowing exactly how you do it leads to insecurity both on stage and/or in the recording studio. 
I will teach you how they did it and how you can do it.

You can become your own voice mechanic.

Think of singing as driving a car. You can drive just knowing how to use the brake, the accelerator and shift into drive. If you have car problems, unless you know something about what’s under the hood you could be in trouble. The Estill system takes you “under the hood” of your voice.
When you are singing or listening to the playback of your voice and don’t like something about how it feels or the sound you are producing, you will have the knowledge and “tools” to fix it. You will become your own voice mechanic.
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