Singing Lessons

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Singing Lessons

Understanding How Your Voice Works

What don’t you like about your voice?
Do you want to sing with more power, with more high notes, less vocal fatigue?
Do you wish you had access to more vocal colours that fit the style you’re performing?
Do you want to overcome stage nerves?
I can help!
I have over 30 years of experience as a teacher and professional singer and I am a certified teacher of Estill Voice.
Let me know what your vocal goals are.
Whether you are a professional, an experienced amateur, or a complete beginner.
If you sing in a choir or sing Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, R&B etc. From 10 years old to 100. I will help you with:

Understanding How Your Voice Works
Knowledge is power. I will help you take the mystery out of your voice.

Learn to access higher and lower notes. Get the possibility to sing a wider range of songs.

Vocal Problems
Is your voice too breathy or nasal? do you tire too easily? Let’s fix it!

Not only find the songs that naturally work for you but explore getting out of your comfort zone.


Sing in a band?
Let’s work on ensemble and harmonies. Let’s make sure you can hear yourself on stage.

Preparing for Auditions
Dealing with Stage Nerves
Preparing for the Recording Studio
Finding and Choosing More Vocal “Colours”
Learning to Belt Safely

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