Performance Magic

  Athletes call it being in the “zone”. You may have experienced it while singing. The performance feels effortless. You feel almost like someone is singing you. Your voice just flows. Time stops. When the song ends, there is a moment of silence before the audience goes crazy. You realize you were in an altered

Choir Singing – Better Than Broccoli

Joining a choir is not only a great way to practice singing in a fun social setting. Research at the University of California has found that it might make you healthier. Immunoglobulin A is a protein used by the immune system to fight disease. Researchers measured the amount of immunoglobulin A in the saliva of

How To Be A Better Singer

HOW TO BE A BETTER SINGER The Essence of Vocal Technique (No, it’s not about breathing) I have been singing and teaching voice for over 40 years and have lately come to a realization: Singing (or acting for that matter) is about being able to put your body in the position to freely make a