Estill Voice Training System

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What is the Estill Voice training system and how is it different?

Jo Estill

The Estill Voice Training system is based on many years of peer- reviewed, scientific voice research by Jo Estill.

Traditional voice teaching tends to use imagery to describe the sensations of “good singing” such as “place the voice in the facial mask, imagine the sound in the head, or chest. imagine the sound as light projecting from your forehead, Sing from the diaphragm not the throat etc etc”

Are these descriptions wrong? No, but at best they are only the symptoms and not the cause of good singing. Even if you can mimic the teacher and get the sensation, you don’t know how you did it.

What causes the voice to resonate in different places in your body are changes to the shape of the vocal tract and vocal folds (chords) and body cover.

The Estill system teaches you how to consciously control these and other structures of the voice.

Using the Estill Voice Training system, we will approach the voice from a physiological standpoint. The voice is broken down into 13 structures that influence voice quality. You will learn how to find, feel and consciously control the structures of your voice and therefore gain conscious predictable control over your instrument. You will know how you do it. The mechanics of your voice are physical not magic.

The magic comes when you are so sure of your voice that you can let go and fly!

Once you have mastered the basic 13 structures you then learn to combine them to produce different vocal qualities or styles.

This allows you to sing in any musical style or healthy voice quality.

All Styles Are Accepted.

With this system there is no aesthetic bias. Any style or type of singing is correct as long as

1. It’s the sound you want.
2. It doesn’t hurt your voice.

If This Sounds Complicated or Overly Technical, It’s Not.

Introductory exercises use everyday natural vocal activities (laughing, crying, whining/complaining, yawning, swallowing etc.etc.) to guide your awareness to the various vocal structures and their possibilities.

You can learn how to add strength, clarity, stamina and many tone and color possibilities to your voice!
You can learn conscious predictable control of your voice.

Born | Montreal, 1951