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Open Your Creativity
To a New World of Possibilities

Singer Songwriters

What don’t you like about your voice?

Wanted singer/songwriters who might feel stuck:
  • Do you feel frustrated about being held back by your vocal abilities?
  • Do you want a fresh perspective on your voice and songs?
  • Are you worried about not being able to stand out from the crowd?
  • Do you aspire to have more vocal range, more tonal possibilities and your own unique sound?
  What is holding you back from achieving your goals?
  • Not having an understanding of how their voice really works?
  • Being too close to their own material?
  • Being limited by their range and voice quality possibilities?
  • Not knowing how to strengthen and protect their vocal instrument?
  What we cover:
  • Exercises to build awareness and gain confidence in your voice and avoid working blindly.
  • Listening to your songs, suggesting possible choices for voice quality, arrangements, backup vocals, harmonies and even some production ideas.

I have helped many of my clients gain a new perspective of their voices and songs and open their eyes to new possibilities.

As a certified Estill teacher with 30 years of experience teaching and working as a studio singer, I have the tools to help you attain your goals.

Born | Montreal, 1951