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Barbara Lewis

Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Understanding How Your Voice Works

"10 DAYS OF THANK YOUS... I want to thank a few of the key people who have encouraged, supported, and contributed to my musical life over the past year(s). I made a list of all the people whom I would like to publicly thank - and there are many - but these 10 stand at the top of my list.

To Ian Lebofsky, with whom I have taken voice lessons for the past 2 years - a MASSIVE THANK YOU! With his deep love for and expertise with the fine details of vocal technique, he's helped me to keep my singing voice not only in-shape, but also growing...

Lessons with Ian are a blast. He's a comedian, an impersonator, a gifted technician and also a fine singer in his own right. I look forward to more lessons."

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Stephanie Caprara

Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, Vocal Coach

Understanding How Your Voice Works

“Ian Lebofsky is an OUTSTANDING vocal teacher. When I first stepped into Ian’s studio, I had no idea that my voice would change forever. Having studied with other private voice teachers and instructors throughout high school, I was not happy with where my voice was. I wanted to improve upon my technique, sound, range and style. In only a few lessons, Ian taught me more than I had learned in my previous years of study. He not only helped me extend my vocal range but also strengthen my breathing technique. I learned how to belt properly, gaining overall confidence as a singer and performer. I owe him my extensive vocal range and every aspect of my technique. I have enormous respect for Ian as a teacher, mentor and singer. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to vocal anatomy/physiology as well as the different ways one can use their voice to attain the sound they desire. His coaching abilities are remarkable, making him one of the most knowledgeable and skilled voice teachers and coach in Montreal. I will forever be grateful to Ian Lebofsky. He is a phenomenal teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn the ways of their voice.”

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Chris Velan

Singer, Songwriter, Touring, Recording Artist

Understanding How Your Voice Works

“As a touring singer-songwriter, I was finding that my voice couldn’t keep up with the strain of singing night after night. I was also frustrated that sometimes I couldn’t trust it to hit the highs and lows that I needed it to. In my vocal lessons with Ian, I found him to be very knowledgeable, patient and effective in teaching how to use and care for my voice as an instrument. The more I practiced, the more I noticed real results in my shows. His methodology gave me a holistic understanding of voice that I’ve been able to incorporate into my performances and benefit from ever since.”

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Hugh Ball

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Understanding How Your Voice Works

“I have worked with Ian since I first started singing. I did workshops with him as a raw beginner and later took private lessons as a working professional. He really helps you find the way to your own voice. Ian also introduced me to the Estill Voice System. I was better able to understand the “mechanics” of my voice and I was amazed how quickly I was able to implement what I had learned. I have done “marathon” singing, and can personally attest to the effectiveness of Ian’s teaching and of Estill. Anyone who uses their voice can learn something important.”

Gail and Chiara

Thank you Ian!!!!

Understanding How Your Voice Works

“”My 11 year old daughter, Chiara, started having “in-house” singing lessons with Ian a year ago, and almost immediately I noticed a beautiful transformation in my daughter not only in her singing but with her self confidence. Six months into her singing lessons my daughter participated in her school’s talent show. It was so amazingly beautiful to see my daughter walk out on stage with so much grace and confidence, anchor herself as Ian taught and sing the “Hallelujah”. Her singing touched everyone in the audience and brought not only tears to my eyes but to a few of her teachers as well. (Ian is a talented and very gifted teacher. I love how he teaches my daughter with so much talent, knowledge, patience, and joy. )We both feel so very fortunate to have found Ian and highly recommend Ian to anyone that wants to learn how to sing and to sing well.”

Angèle Arsenault

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Understanding How Your Voice Works

“… I enjoyed your singing lessons tremendously. You are multi-talented and very professional and I recommend you highly.”

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Born | Montreal, 1951